• Yes i think that it can change how people view a photograph in a situation or feel about people because if someone family died other people would have feeling and feel awful for what happen to them. because they never know what is gonna happen to them or if it happens to them or their family.
  • I think the  most interesting  part was when the guy showed the war and how the kids were getten hurt and how he invited the camera.
  • It fits into our history because it happen a while ago and still no one forgot about it and probaly wont.
  • platon-elsheba-khan-at-the-grave-of-her-son-specialist-kareem-rashad-sultan-khan-in-section-60-of


i think this is the strongest photo of the group because it shows a mother over her sons grave. and its sad because her son went in the war to fight for our country and she problay thought he would come out safe, and he did not he died while fighting for his country,


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