Final Pixlr

final pixlr3


Wabi Sabi


  1. The theme of my work is Wabi Sabi.
  2. the six skills i cooperated were lighting, unique POV. Rythem, unity, properations and balance.
  3. out of the sixth photos i  would say the track is my best one, because it is a good example for line..
  4. I didn’t really come across a challenge  for this one.







  1. My theme of my work is Happy.
  2. The skills I used to incorporate six good photos are Emphasis, Contrast, Space, Rule  of  Thirds, and Lighting.
  3.  The best one out of all mine would be the tractors in the woods. This  is my best one because it is funny and happens a lot.
  4. the challenge  I came across was taking the pictures.  i overcame it by for most of them I put it on a tractor for a self timer to take the picture,  or i just took it in general.





  1. The theme of my work is Dogs.
  2. The six skills I incorporated were Unique POV, Space, Rythem,Form,Value and Contrast.
  3. Out of the sixth photos i would chose the one with the dogs running. I think this is a good one because it it stop motion.
  4. The Challenge i had was having them do something, i had to overcome it by giving them food to go after.




  1. The theme of this work is Nature.
  2. The six skill I incorporated were Color, Line, Unity, Fill the Frame, Shape and Pattern.
  3. I would say the track is a good representation of my theme.
  4. My challenge was getting the pictures clear, I overcame it by using the techniques like Color etc..