Elements and Principles Project Reflection

My project is like a hanger/rail in a closet. Its teaches someone by the pictures on the stick. I think this was a good form for my project because it is creative and unique. The photos show an understanding because the flowers are color and the definitions are the back of the picture explain what it is more.

i learned to be more  creative. the skill help improve this because you can learn to be creative  in your own ways.  i can use these skill  in the future because when i hear the word creative it remind you of all the stuff you did.


the  most successful  part was panting the stick. i think the most i struggled with was the pictures. i overcome it by taking my time taking the pictures i would  probably change the string/ribbons to make them better.

Surreal Collage


  1. Surrealism is making something that really is not gonna happen or wont come true/not real.

2. One artist that had work is Man Ray his work fits in to Surrealism by he does things that could be and then could not be real.

3. i could improve on making the pictures more bigger.

4. i would say the best part is my dogs because there cool.


Famous Photographer Research

  • tirger
  • Mitsuaki Iwago is the son of Tokumitsu Iwagō, and after graduating Hosei University he went as his fathers assistant to Galapagos island were he decided to become a photographer.He is the first Japanese photographer who work has twice appeared on National Geographic he is know a spokesman for  Olympus Corporation.He decided to do this is 1970 taking photos of animals. he was born  in November 27,1950 Tokyo Japan. Currently he is 66 years old. he used to live in Tokyo.
  • The focal point of this photo is the little tiger putting its paw around the other tiger. why? because it draws the most attention to me. the tiger is posing by putting his arm around the other little one. i like about this photo there just looking somewhere and i love how the other one is just putting its paw on the other one.i would change in this photo is probably at the bottom of the picture the blur otherwise i would leave everything else alone.
  • his main theme of his artwork is his animals because it states that he loves his animals. yes i think he is trying to say something about his photos and that is he likes/loves taking pics of animals he enjoys it.