two of my best photographs are the Mr. P and the one near the window. My least would probally be the ones with the camera in the pic of her.what i could do to make it better is take the camera out of the picture. take more portraits.







Patriots coach Bill Belichick recently caused a stir when he said the NFL wants to eliminate kickoffs. Now Belichick has weighed in on a play that he says would be better suited to elimination: The extra point. In an interview on WEEI, Belichick pointed out that the point after touchdown is so easy that it…

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Love these guys!!

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston HOUSTON (CBS) — When Bill Belichick traded Chandler Jones, most people believed the Patriots’ head coach was making a decision that was best for the team. When Belichick traded Jamie Collins, some folks wondered if Bill had lost his mind. But, of course, the coach had not. The Patriots finished the…

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Photos that changed the world


this photo was taken in San Francisco during the 1860’s.Whats going on in this photo is  a picture of horses trotting as the horses moved forward it broke threads which activated the shutters of twelve cameras which was 53 cm apart. it impacted the people by having captured  the horses totting in motion turned people on because the got a good picture of the horses trotting. i chose this because not only do i ride horses but this was cool to.